Our Tanning Beds

Room One:

Room One:

The UWE P-90 High Pressure Tanning Unit -VIP 5.

The P90 features 4 levels of facial tanning, 3 levels of body intensity tanning and shoulder tanners with full high pressure tanning lamps on top. Three levels of body and facial fans along with a self-contained air conditioner give you control for a comfortable tanning temperature. Also included is a quadruple misty breeze.

Maximum Tanning Exposure: 22 Minutes *** Must Flip halfWay through Tanning Session!!

Room Two or Three:

Room Two or Three:

The Ergoline 600 -VIP4.

With 50 Turbo Power 170-watt UV lamps, 4 Ultra Performance 500-watt adjustable facial tanners, and integrated shoulder tanner, the Ergoline 600 raises the bar in terms of comfort and performance. This bed is designed to break through your traditional tanning plateau to get you the results you desire. The wide Body Shape acrylic provides a relaxing tanning position with plenty of room to spare. The integrated base and canopy fans keeps you cool throughout the entire tanning session.

Maximum Tanning Exposure: 15 Minutes

Room Four:

Room Four:

The UWE Lotus -VIP3

The Lotus tanning bed by UWE features 160 watt tanning and 3- 400-watt high pressure facial lamps. With a total of 43 Tanning Lamps the Lotus puts out a solid 10,000 watt of power.

Maximum Tanning Exposure: 12 Minutes

Room Six:

Room Six:

The ProSun X7 -VIP3.

The X7 is a High Pressure Tanning Bed with 42 lamps at 9,000 watts of tanning and 4 facial tanners @ 400 watts each. This maximum exposure time is 12 minutes but the average tanner will usually only tan for9 minutes in this bed. You will need to work up to the max time! You can plug in your MP3 player and use the bed's 4 speaker system and subwoofer for your entertainment.

Maximum Tanning Exposure: 12 Minutes.

Room Seven or Nine:

Room Seven or Nine:

The Sundome 548V standup -VIP2.

The SunDome 548V is a specially designed booth shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity so you are being evenly showered with all-over bronzing power. The SunDome Features 48 High Powered Reflector Lamps. The unique design of the SunDome 548V booth pulls air in from the bottom and exhausts it through the powerful overhead fan to create a cool, breezy environment for maximum comfort.

Maximum Tanning Exposure: 10 Minutes

Room Eight:

Room Eight:

Mystic Tan HD Sunless Booth.

Included in the VIP5 Package or bought Separately. Members pay only $15.00!

  • Receive instant color in 3 minutes
  • Fully automated drying system
  • All natural, bronzing solution
  • Color naturally fades after 7-10 days
  • Full automated allows for 100% privacy

    The Mystic Tan HD Sunless tanning system provides the ultimate in sunless tanning. With its Magnetec technology and fully automated drying system the Mystic HD system delivers perfect results every time. At GLO we use only the highest quality solution made from 100% natural ingredients. Enjoy instant color that fades naturally after 7-10 days with our revolutionary Mystic Tan HD Sunless system.

  • Room Fourteen or Fifteen:

    Room Fourteen or Fifteen:

    The Cobra Montego Bay -VIP2.

    This bed features 32 lamps, 120 watt bulbs, 3 face lamps, comfortable deep dish lounge style, 3 fans.

    Maximum Tanning exposure: 15 Minutes

    Room Sixteen through Twenty:

    Room Sixteen through Twenty:

    The Sunvison 30 Elite -VIP1.

    With 30 super-efficient, 100-watt Wolff® tanning lamps, the SUNVISION® Elite Wolff® 30 Series delivers serious bronzing power for dark, head-to-toe results. This Is a great unit to get your base tan started.

    Maximum Tanning Exposure: 20 Minutes

    Room Twenty-Five:

    The Legacy Leg Tanner

    Fast...Effective 10 Minute Sessions. 36 Reflector Tanning Lamps ...Assures Even All-Around Leg Tanning. Variable Speed Cooling Fan Provides No Sweat Tanning. Open The Clamshell Top, relax in The Adjustable Swivel Chair, And Prepare to Experience Fast and Effective Tanning From Your Hips To Your Toes.

    Maximum Tanning Exposure: 10 Minutes.